Nazi Germany

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Nazi Germany

Post by [MOD]Nageki on Sun Mar 15, 2015 5:18 am

I have many opinions about Nazi Germany, a lot more than I'd care to say. But to the point, I personally believe that government propaganda and just general misinformation about Nazi Germany is very common, the intent of the holocaust,the amount of people who died in it,and the ideology in general.

It is my viewpoint that the holocaust, while still racist and evil, was merely a segregation like the whites and blacks in the USA, and only under a million Jewish people died in the holocaust. There's a lot of evidence pointing towards this and just plain logic, and also a lot of reason to believe most of the deaths were not intentional and due to lack of food due to allied bombings and the losing war, they had to feed their soldiers or their prisoners of wars and concentration camps.

And let's not forget the USA bombing French and German cities killing thousands upon thousands of innocents.
But my point is that while racist and wrong, the holocaust was blown out of proportion a lot by Stalin and the USA and people refuse to question what happened and just brand anyone who does a Nazi Support and anti-semite

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